I Just Want My Kid to Be Happy Again!

Child Counseling in Barrington, IL

Ethan’s at it again.

He’s fighting at school with other kids.

Last year he got along with his teacher, but this year they’re like oil and water.

He’s crying at home almost all the time.

Olivia has started refusing to go to school.

She worries about everything.

She’s taken to sleeping in her parents’ bed, and they’re getting less sleep and becoming more frustrated.

Kids do well, if they can.

Parents also do well if they can.

But sometimes their kid’s problems leave them mystified.

Over time parents feel tired, frustrated, and start losing hope.

Get help and have fun doing It?

Working with kids ages 7-13, I’ve been combining fun with evidence-based solutions for years.

I’ve worked with kids who struggled with academic underachievement, anger control problems, anxiety, grief and loss, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other behavior challenges.

Kids need to feel at ease and engaged in order to learn.

So, we have fun, but with a purpose…

To learn new ways to think and act!

Together we’ll work to equip your child (and you!) with new skills, possibilities, and outcomes.

Call me at (224) 419-6144 to arrange a free 20-minute strategy call. I will listen to your situation and tell you more about what I offer.

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