Counseling for Pre-Teen Boys

Parenting Is Like Planning for an Extended Vacation

Jessica and Michael were excited when James arrived in their world. Together they were going to embark on a parenting/family journey.

They thought they knew their vacation destination: France.

They’d both been to France growing up. They both took French in high school. And their parents had even hosted a French exchange student. So, they figured it would be easy.

Now, pretend that instead of France they ended up in Germany!

Nothing would be familiar. The signs wouldn’t make sense, and they’d be disappointed that their expected destination was much different than what they’d planned on.

When Things Go Different

Their son, James, starts having problems in fifth grade this year.

He’s not been getting along with his teacher. He’s been having a hard time leaving the house. Sometimes he gets angry and upset—but not regular tantrums: These are hurricanes… not thunderstorms.

Jessica and Michael have been getting calls from the school. But they still have to work and balance their busy jobs and life. They’re exhausted.

James has been getting into fights with kids and mouthing off to the teachers, and his grades are dropping.

All Jessica and Michael can think is, “This is so unlike our kid!”

Tour Guide Needed

Like weary and bewildered tourists in an unplanned destination, Jessica and Michael are finally ready to ask for help: “We need a tour guide!”

They do their research and find a tour guide who helps them map their course, understand the landscape, and have a great time in their new destination.

Need help?

I’ll Be Your Guide!

I love working with 7-12 year old guys.

Why? Because I’ve been a young guy! I know what it’s like to have struggled at that age.

Dr. Ross Greene said, “Kids do well if they can.” I say, “Parents do well if they can, too!”

I’ve been working with parents and their boys for years, and one thing I can tell you is: “No, you are not bad parents… and, no, your kid is not crazy.”

What We’ll Do

We’ll spend two to three sessions talking about your landscape: the “destination” at which you’ve arrived—the one you never planned on.

Then we’ll put together a roadmap of strategies and activities to help make sense of where you’ve arrived.

As we get into your counseling journey, I’ll teach you some useful parenting skills and your boy better ways to think and act.

We’ll work together to start to lay the groundwork for an easier, happier life for you all!

Let’s Get Going…

A trip in a foreign land isn’t always smooth, especially at first…

But through strategic learning, challenge, fun, lessons, games, and practical tips…

Life can change for the better for your family.

Buckle up! Let’s get going!

Just take the next step: Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation. (224) 419-6144

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

—Frederick Douglass