Sleep… just trying to make it happen!

Todd’s staring at the ceiling. Again.

His nerves are frayed. He’s supposed to be working.

But he’s just so tired.

For a while now, he just can’t get to sleep. He wants to sleep… his body’s crying out for sleep.

That’s what’s so maddening. The very thing he seeks, he can’t just make happen… can he?

Insomnia’s Heavy Toll

Todd’s missing details on work projects…

He’s started to feel more anxious and depressed…

He finds himself snapping at his wife and kids…

He’s nodding off at work and in the car…

Sometimes he just wants to scream!

Suffer from insomnia? You’re not alone.

Todd’s not alone. Statistics show that among adults…

… 30 to 35% have brief bouts of insomnia,

… 15-20% have insomnia that’s been occurring up to three months,

… and 10% of adults have chronic insomnia, lasting at least 3 times per weeks up to three months.

Tired of being tired… and doing something about it!

Todd reaches out to his employee assistance line at work. After talking to them, he finds out that there are therapists who work with clients to reduce insomnia.

So, he emails an insomnia therapist and starts attending sessions.

In the first session, the therapist takes down a lot of information about Todd’s sleep habits.

In the following sessions, the therapist helps Todd track his sleep patterns.

Every session, he notices, offers a practical approach and new skills for initiating and maintaining sleep.

Roadblocks to Learning New Skills

At first, Todd is skeptical.

What’s all this stuff about writing things down?

Sometimes it seems like this therapy really isn’t working…

But change comes with persistent effort.

But as he persists, he slowly sees change…

He’s starting to fall asleep!

His first full night of sleep feels like a miracle!

Stop letting insomnia control your life…

Todd took the initiative to learn new skills to control his sleep…

… instead of letting insomnia control his life!

Now, it’s your turn!

Are you tired of being tired??

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