PTSD Robs You Of Your Joy

Stop Suffering and Start Living

PTSD Trauma Therapy for Men In-Person and Online in Barrington, IL

Trauma is frustrating and unfair.

Life is hard enough without carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, in your gut, in your body.

If you’ve had a traumatic event or events, whether in the distant past or recently, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) drains the joy from life.

Liam tosses and turns at night.  He’s afraid to go to sleep because of the nightmares and memories from childhood sexual abuse.

Noah, a paramedic, and EMT, has become edgy and withdrawn at work.  He struggles with images of bodies he failed to rescue in a fire six months ago.

Liam and Noah both ask themselves the same questions, “Why is this happening?

Will it ever get better?

What should I do?

They’ve also both said, “I’ll take these secrets to my grave.”

Take It To Your Grave?  What If You Dont’ Have To?


Can PTSD Trauma Therapy Help?

It sure can!

Cognitive processing therapy is a gold-standard, researched and effective treatment pioneered at the VA Medical Center.  This therapy includes written homework in-between sessions focused on “stuck points” you’ve experienced because of trauma.

Prolonged exposure therapy is another evidence based treatment.  It is Action Based.  You’ll focus on talking about your experience/s and doing behavior based assignments to get you more comfortable with people or places you’ve been avoiding.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy is the third evidence based therapy that helps you adaptively process difficult memories in a safe environment.  There are no homework assignments for this type of therapy.

Trauma gets lodged in our brain and we get stuck.

Emotional Freedom is Possible!

With 12 action-packed sessions, you’ll learn, grow, and become your own coach.

At the beginning, you’ll be so scared to finally face the Dragon of Trauma you’ve been running from.

But we’ll face that Dragon together and slay it.

We’ll crush all the lies that Trauma has told you about yourself and others.

You’ll be free.

Your Freedom Is Too Important To Wait Any Longer!

“It’s like ninja therapy….progress creeps up on you from behind”  Jaime Lowe, 12 Sessions (podcast episode about cognitive processing therapy), This American Life.

You won’t recognize the person you used to be.  You won’t think the same.  You’ll feel better, lighter.  The unresolved weight of dark thoughts and emotions will be gone.  You’ll feel hopeful!

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